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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you carry Public Liability Insurance?
A: Yes Kyles castles carries £5 million pounds in full Public Liability Insurance. All current safety and insurance documents are available to see on request.

Q: Do you do both indoor & outdoor events?
A: Yes, for outdoor events rain covers / sun shades are provided for the all arched and enclosed castles as well as a cover for the bouncy castle inflator which is suitable in event of light rain.

Q: How safe are the castles that you supply?
A: Very safe. each come with their own PIPA no ( avaliable to check on-line at all times ). Padded safety mats and an extra long extension lead (with RCD adaptor) are both supplied with bookings.

Q: Is VAT applicable or included to the prices on the site?
A: Being a small business VAT is not applicable and so the prices you see on the website are the prices you pay.

Q: Are there any booking charges or cancellation fees?
A: No a booking deposit is not required, and cancellations or re-scheduled bookings are allowed right up to the start of your event with NO CHARGE!

Q: Do you require a deposit on the day I hire your facilities?
A: So long as there is no damage or loss to the equipment. We simply ask that our equipment is in the same condition than when it was left with you.

Q: Can I hire a castle and charge a pay per play system?
A: Yes but we strongly recommend that you take out your own Public Liability Insurance for your event in case of injury. We also ask that you do not add posters or other promotional materials on our castles without permission.

Q: Can you provide supervisors for my event?
A: Yes at an additional cost of £10 perhr per person

Q: When do you require the payment ?
A: payment is  required at the start of your hire period.

Q: How much space do I need to leave for the castle?
A: There must be a minimum of an additional 4ft at front & back of the castle (for the blower and easy access) and we recommended that there is an additional 2ft on either side of the castle. Please also ensure that there is enough room to bring the castle to the area where you would like it set up, as a trolley is used.

Q: What time do you deliver and collect the castles?
A: Deliveries and collections times are flexible, although typically delivery is made between 10am - 1pm  and collection between 5:30pm - 8pm. Overnight hire is an extra £30 when possible.

Q: Is your equipment clean?
A: Yes. Equipment is checked after each use to ensure that it remains clean. We do ask that if you do make a mess on our equipment, that you clean it up as quickly and safely as possible as, if their is substantial mess, a cleaning charge may have to be taken out of your deposit. 

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